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Supporting businesses through our exclusive mental heath and wellness programs. Our training emphasizes emotional, physical and social well-being in and out of the office, resulting in higher engagement levels and healthier employees.  

We implement in-person wellness sessions at your office, using technology with physical, mental and social health skills to regulate the nervous system.

  • 25-50 minutes per individual or team

  • Performance mindset benchmarks

  • Employee re-entry  

  • Physical wellness program

  • Stress and anxiety reduction skills



As a fully licensed psychologist specializing in clinical performance psychology with over 10 years of clinical experience and eight years of trauma-informed care, we are committed to developing programs that meet the unique needs of students from all backgrounds. 

We implement in-person sessions for students and educators. Programs can be tailored for individuals, small groups or entire schools.

  • 25-50 minutes per individual or class session

  • Creation and implementation of SEL programs

  • Psychological assessments

  • Assistance with IEP and 504 creation

  • Educator workshops



We work with teams from all levels and all sports as they look to improve various aspects of becoming a more successful teammate in and out of their sport.

We have the ability to work alongside and support the coaching staff at your facility, online or we  can host team sessions at our facility in Woburn.

Learn how to improve the following:

  • Reduce anxiety before a performance

  • Improve body language

  • Improve communication and leadership skills

  • Improve pre-game rituals

  • Boost team morale and more...



We offer the same type of innovative training many pro athletes are now incorporating into their weekly routine.


Neurofeedback provides actionable data points on the individuals' mindset, which allows us to train the brain more efficiently. 

What can I improve with Neurofeedback training?

  • Improve your focus and concentration

  • Improve how you think and talk to yourself

  • Improve how you perform under pressure

  • Improve your decision making

  • Improve your overall confidence and more...



We understand no two athletes are the same, which is why we also offer 1:1 sessions in person and online. These sessions are customized to meet your specific challenges regardless of sport or level. 

Sessions range from 25-50 minutes.

  • Are you feeling anxious about school or sports?

  • Do you need help with your self-talk?

  • How well do you handle mistakes?

  • Are you consistently performing at your best?

  • How do you handle adversity?

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Our proven on-demand training program is designed to give parents and athletes the flexibility to access customized training resources anytime, anywhere. Our program helps individuals achieve peak performances.

Customized on-demand training.

  • Improve your confidence

  • Improve your ability to overcome mistakes

  • Improve how you prepare before a competition

  • Improve how you handle mistakes

  • Improve your ability to get and stay in the zone

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