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Helping individuals, teams, schools, and businesses, optimize mental health and wellness.



We are committed to developing healthier minds for individuals, schools, teams, and businesses across the globe.


We are the only active performance mindset partner currently using technology with physical, mental, and social health skills, to teach nervous system regulation.

Backed by years of experience and research from a team of coaches, My360Mindset was created out of Impact Sports Lab, a leading performance training center dedicated to helping athletes achieve consistent peak performances.​

Impact Sports Lab focuses on athletic development, performance nutrition, mental skills training and athlete data, however, we quickly saw the need to expand our mental skills training for students, athletes, schools, teams and businesses, by creating programs accessible in person and online for individuals across the globe. 

Dr. Tony Tucci is a fully licensed psychologist, specializing in clinical performance psychology with over 10 years of clinical experience, and over eight years of trauma-informed care in the education system.

Dr. Tony Tucci - Director of Mental Performance
Psy.D. (Doctor of Psychology)
Psy.M. (Master's in Psychology)
BCN (Board Certified, Neurofeedback)


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