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Helping individuals, teams, schools, and businesses, optimize mental health and wellness.

About Us

At My360Mindset, we are dedicated to helping individuals achieve consistent peak performances in school, sport, business, and personal life. Our specialized programs are designed to equip you with the mental skills and resilience necessary to excel in today's demanding world.

Led by Dr. Tony Tucci, PsyD., a renowned expert in performance psychology, our team of qualified mental skills coaches is committed to guiding you on your journey to success. We understand the unique challenges you face, and we are here to support you every step of the way.

Our focus is on reducing stress and anxiety, while enhancing vital skills such as confidence, concentration, and overall well-being. Through evidence-based techniques grounded in the latest research from psychology and neuroscience, we empower you to overcome obstacles and unlock your full potential.

We believe that lasting change comes from putting knowledge into action. That's why our training programs are designed to be practical and applicable, giving you the tools you need to thrive in any situation. Whether you're a student striving for academic excellence, an athlete seeking to reach the pinnacle of your sport, a professional aiming for career advancement, or an individual looking to improve your personal well-being, we have the expertise to help you succeed.



Backed by years of experience and research from a team of coaches, My360Mindset was created out of Impact Sports Lab, a leading performance training center dedicated to helping athletes achieve consistent peak performances.​

Impact Sports Lab focuses on athletic development, performance nutrition, mental skills training and athlete data, however, we quickly saw the need to expand our mental skills training for students, athletes, schools, teams and businesses, by creating programs accessible in person and online for individuals across the globe. 

Dr. Tony Tucci is a fully licensed psychologist, specializing in clinical performance psychology with over 11 years of clinical experience, and over eight years of trauma-informed care in the education system.

Dr. Tony Tucci - Director of Mental Performance


11+ years: Licensed Clinical Sport Psychologist

9+ years: Trauma Informed Care in the Massachusetts and California Education System

Areas of Expertise: performance struggles, anxiety, panic, phobias, depression, and trauma/stressor disorders.

Education: Master of Counseling Psychology, Master of Sport Psychology, Doctorate in Clinical Psychology

Board Certified, Neurofeedback

Experience: Residential treatment centers for adults and children with developmental disabilities, juvenile detention centers, schools and colleges, sport facilities, outpatient therapy clinics, and inpatient sites.

Approach: BioPsychoSocial Model, as well as an integrative approach by incorporating aspects of different psychological theories to meet an individual’s specific needs and goals.

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