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About Us

Pure Drive Golf and My360Mindset have partnered up to further improve your game by offering research supported performance mindset training, led by Dr. Tony Tucci.


Dr. Tony Tucci, PsyD., is a licensed psychologist helping players of all levels achieve consistent peak performances on and off the golf course.


In addition, Tony is board certified in Neurofeedback, which is the same innovative training and technology you might have heard Bryson DeChambeau incorporating into his training routine. This revolutionary data and science allows athletes to optimize performance by training the brain more efficiently.

Our Priorities

Improve Confidence On and Off the Course


Improve Focus and Concentration in School, in Work and in Golf


Improve How You Think and Talk to Yourself


Perform Under Pressure and Learn How to Get in the Zone

Learn How to Make Correct Decisions Quickly and Clearly



Learn how to optimize your performance on the course by improving confidence, self-talk, concentration, body language, communication, and other important skills utilized by golfers of all levels. Our neurofeedback technology is the same many players on the tour have been using to develop a more sustainable performance mindset.


What is Neurofeedback?


  • A new technology used to effectively enhance mental skills work. 


What are the benefits of Neurofeedback?


  • Decrease stress, mood regulation, better sleep patterns and less sensitivity to distractions. 


How can mental skills training help me off the golf course?


  • Mental skills work will teach you how to regulate your nervous system when facing stressors off the course, which can improve overall wellness and health in your life.


When can I expect to see a stronger mental game from Neurofeedback?


  • We will see if your brain is responding in the very first session, and if so, we typically see drastic changes within the first 10 sessions. 


Are there any additional benefits of neurofeedback?


  • Reduces symptoms related to ADHD.

  • Reduces experiences with anxiety.

  • Physical health benefits related to a regulated nervous system.

  • Regulated nervous system can also improve dietary habits.


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220 W Cummings Park, Woburn, MA 01801 | 781.281.0070

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